RubyWorld Conference 2017 Speaker Invite

RubyWorld Conference Executive Committee is inviting speakers from around the world for the RubyWorld Conference 2017! Application to give a presentation at the conference is open to the public.

The Program Review Committee of RubyWorld Conference 2017 will choose all presenters based on impartial consideration of all the applicants’ submitted qualifications.

How about you!? Do you have information to present to the world in relation to efforts on Ruby? You are cordially invited to apply! Please see below for Application details and guidelines.

General outline of RubyWorld Conference 2017

1) Date

From November 1st(Wed) to 2nd(Thu) in 2017
※Presentation times will be determined after Speakers have been chosen.

2) Venue

International conference room (3rd floor) in the Shimane Prefectural Convention Center “Kunibiki Messe”

3) Organizer

RubyWorld Conference 2017 Executive Committee

Affiliated organization
    Ruby Association / Shimane Prefectural Government / Matsue Municipal Government / Shimane University / Matsue College of Technology / JETRO Matsue / Shimane Industrial Promotion Foundation / Shimane Information Technology Industry Association / Open Source Software Society Shimane / METI Chugoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

Application Guideline

1) Targeted applicants

Those who are able to deliver a presentation with content in accordance with one of the following themes.

The 5 themes for presenters
(1)Introducing the trend of cutting edge technology relating to Ruby
(2)Introducing examples of system development
(3)The introduction of Ruby examples from the user perspective
(4)Introducing the efforts to deal with Ruby as a public organization platform
(5)The introduction of education and study dealing with Ruby

2) Deadline for Application

July 28th, 2017 05:00pm JST (Japan Standard Time, UTC+9)

3) Application Process

Application forms

1. Summary of the presenter
Description within 1 page (A4-size, 8×10) (in PDF format) including:

  • Presentation theme (any one of the 5) described above
  • Title of presentation
  • Name of the presenter with contact information
  • Presenter time slot preference 15 minutes or 30 minutes
  • Languages for application and presentation ( Japanese or English )
  • The applicant gave a similar presentation on the same subject the intend to present at RWC2017 (Yes or No)
    If the applicant gave a similar presentation on the same subject they intend to present at RWC2017 they must also include a statement of where and when they gave the prior presentation.

2. Outline of the presentation

  • Description within 3 pages (A4-size, 8×10) (in PDF format)
  • Attachment of documents allowed as needed
  • Include a descriptive abstract of the presentation

All applications are to be submitted by e-mail to the following address:

A conformation E-mail will be sent within 3 days of application receipt. If conformation is not made, please contact us directly. Contact information can be found below.

4) Determination of presenters

Around the end of August, 2017
All who apply will be notified regardless if chosen to present or not

5) Quota for admission

  • 8 presenters for 30 minute slots
  • 4 presenters for 15 minute slots

6) Time allocated per presentation

  • 30 minute slot: 25 minute presentation with 5 minute Q&A
  • 15 minute slot: 15 minute presentation with No Q&A
Presenter time slot preferences will be considered but are not guaranteed.

7) Languages for application and presentation

Japanese or English

8) Perks for presenters

  • Contents of the presentations are to be posted on an official web site as well as published in a guide book to be created by the Executive Committee of RubyWorld Conference 2017 with the presenter’s agreement.
  • Invite to the Welcome Party presented by the RubyWorld Conference Executive Committee.

    • Date: October 31st (Tue) 2017
    • Who: Yukihiro Matsumoto, Keynote speaker and main RubyWorld Conference sponsors as well as all presenters
    • More details will be provided after determining presenters
  • Presenters are exempt from the registration fee to attend RubyWorld Conference 2017.

9) Burden of expense

All expenses, for attending, applying and/or presenting, at the conference will be the responsibility of the attendee or presenter unless stated above.

Contact Information

RubyWorld Conference Executive Committee Office

Ichibata Electric Railway CO., LTD.
49 Nakabracho Matsue, Shimane 6900874


Secretary in charge: Kayo Kuwabara